Q: How often should I have my septic tank pumped?
A: We recommend at least every 5 years, but it also depends how many people are in your household.

Q: How close do you need to get to the septic tank?
A: Our trucks carry approximately 125′ of hose.

Q: What does a septic tank lid look like?
A: It is common to confuse a system’s clean-out pipe for the lid to the septic tank. Septic tank lids are usually between 2-4 feet wide. A clean-out is a pipe- usually about 3-4 inches wide.

Q: I smell an odor when walking by the lid of my septic tank.
A: Chances are your septic tank lid is exposed (above ground). To avoid smelling an odor, the lid should be buried about 1-2 feet below ground. Check with a tank installer to resolve this problem.

Q: My drains are gurgling, what is wrong?
A: In most cases you probably have a plugged main line or your septic tank is flooded or overfull. But, in some cases a plugged vent can cause gurgling.


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